Where We Engage

Educational Awareness

The Educational Awareness team offers community based training and awareness programs to equip educational leadership, teachers, parents, and youth workers to identify the signs of trafficking in their students and children and to understand the scope of the problem.  We are working in partnership with the Maryland Human Trafficking Task Force Public Awareness Committee to support the requests for public education regarding trafficking.

The Education Awareness Team is also working to develop age appropriate programs for pre-teens and teens about tactics used by traffickers to trap children.  This program will help equip children to know the signs of a trafficking situation so that they can keep themselves and their peers safe. These programs will also be used in youth groups, after-school programs, camps and scouting programs.
Contact: education@aramintafreedom.org 

Church and Community Awareness

The Awareness team conducts church- and community-based awareness and action programs to awaken the community and churches to the reality of trafficking in our own backyard. These meetings not only provide information about the issue and inform people of the presence of this issue here, but also end with tangible, accessible ways for participants to get involved and move toward their geographic region being traffick-free. Churches and community groups are provided with the tools and resources necessary to partner with Araminta, and to inspire their members to move from awareness to action.
Contact: contact@aramintafreedom.org

Intervention and Survivor Services

Araminta Freedom Initiative will support the provision of intervention and aftercare initiatives provided by the anti-trafficking unit of TurnAround. Volunteers can serve as an advocate or mentor.  Advocates provide short-term and emergency response assistance to survivors, including but not limited to: transportation needs, assisting with court/legal advocacy, and providing support during medical appointments or service referrals.  Mentors will be paired with a survivor to provide fun opportunities for survivors to re-engage with the world in a safe way which is instrumental in their healing and recovery process.  Mentors are expected to provide long-term support throughout the survivors healing process and maintain an ongoing, consistent relationship.

Medical providers are also needed to provide short-term medical care for survivors immediately following their rescue.  Many survivors’ options for medical care are limited to emergency rooms, as traffickers have confiscated their identification. Providing care in a safe and confidential environment is crucial to their recovery following rescue. For more information, please contact us at contact@aramintafreedom.org.

Currently, there are approximately 200 beds in the United States dedicated to the rehabilitation of minor victims of sex trafficking.  Therefore, many victims are placed in centers or homes that are not equipped to deal with significant, specialized care and rehabilitative needs of these children and adolescents.   Araminta Freedom Initiative will continue to pursue options of long-term care for domestic minors, including short-term shelter, a residential care facility and foster homes.
Contact: contact@aramintafreedom.org