Where We Engage


“Where brokenness takes place because of failed community, Araminta aims to bring healing through restorative community.”

Survivor Services

Through Survivor Services, Araminta staff, trained volunteers, and community partners surround survivors and highly at-risk youth with restorative relationships that are a source of strength and empowerment. Services are survivor informed and centered on hope. We continually draw from survivor experiences and offer a platform for their voices.

Population served:
• Survivors of child sex trafficking and highly at-risk youth
• Identify as female and enroll in services before age 22
• Children of survivors receiving Araminta services

Services offered:
• Mentoring for survivors of child sex trafficking or highly at-risk youth
• Advocacy and Tangible Needs assistance to provide an extra layer of care for mentees
• Case Management — Coming soon…

For questions or referrals, please contact:

Janniece Phillips, phillipsj@aramintafreedom.org


Araminta Freedom Initiative is a comprehensive resource for Human Trafficking Prevention and Intervention Education in Maryland.

Prevention and Intervention Education

We offer customized trainings and presentations hosted in professional and/or community settings. From introductory awareness to advance training, Araminta tailors to each specific audience and is prepared to meet your objectives for human trafficking education. 

Church and Community Awareness

A core part of the mission of Araminta is to awaken, equip, and mobilize the Church and community to end human trafficking in Maryland. We provide awareness presentations and trainings specific to churches, faith-based, community-led social organizations and youth clubs throughout the state. Groups learn about the reality of child sex trafficking in our communities while being equipped to make a difference.

To request a presentation, click here. or click to download our digital brochure.

For questions, contact Training and Education Coordinator, Laura Coleman at colemanl@aramintafreedom.org

Demand Response — Under Development

In order to end human trafficking, we must challenge ourselves to recognize our personal contribution to a culture that distorts human dignity and worth. The demand team for Araminta will be responsible for a collaborative response to the demand side of human trafficking, believing that in order to stop human trafficking we need to address what continues to fuel it. Our demand response will begin in the local church with prevention, intervention and education programming for both men and women of all ages, coming at the problem of demand from both societal and theological paradigms. Further information is included in our volunteer training. Church and community resources are currently under development.

“How do you expect to uproot a tree when all you’re doing is ripping at the leaves?” Val Richey, a senior prosecutor in King County, Wash., Raises the point: “If we really want to end commercial exploitation, then we need to talk about demand.” 

For questions, contact Director of Church and Community Engagement, Sarah Batley at batleys@aramintafreedom.org


Volunteer Mobilization

Where survivors are the heartbeat of the mission, volunteers are the lifeblood. Certified volunteers are awakened, equipped and mobilized through our 3-part training series. Individuals are trained to serve on any of our instrumental Araminta teams (Prayer, Church Engagement, Hospitality, Research and more) with the potential of holding leadership positions. AEM Trainings are conducted at least twice annually. Additionally, extended Survivor Services and Certified Presenters trainings are hosted as needs arise.

To register for volunteer training, click here.

For questions, contact Volunteer Coordinator, Alicia Corson at corsona@aramintafreedom.org

Church Engagement

Church engagement is the “centerpiece of what Araminta was founded on”according to our founders. This team is dedicated to awakening, equipping, and mobilizing the church, expanding our network of churches, and looking for opportunities to link faith communities with the mission of Araminta.

Inquiries for church partnership can be sent to Director of Church and Community Engagement, Sarah Batley at batleys@aramintafreedom.org

Tangible Needs

As Araminta walks alongside survivors and at-risk youth moving towards restoration, it’s common for needs to arise that they are unable to meet. Needs may range from basic school supplies to rent assistance. No matter how large or small the request, we understand it can make a huge impact in their healing journey. Requests are channeled through our survivor services program manager and shared with the Araminta community as needs arise. Additionally, Araminta facilitates a school supply drive, Thanksgiving basket collection and holiday wish-list fulfillment annually. Any community member wanting to support the mission in a tangible way may request to be added to the email fulfillment list here.