Thank you for your interest in joining the Araminta Team.

The Board of Directors of Araminta Freedom Initiative is pleased to announce the open candidacy for the position of Executive Director.

Our mission is to awaken, equip, and mobilize the Church and community in Maryland to end human trafficking through education, prevention strategies, and restorative survivor services. Consult our website for additional understanding of our services as a non-profit organization.

Persons interested in the position should consider the following documents:

  1. Executive Director Job Description
  2. Faith Commitment and Statement of Faith
  3. Description of Presence-based Leadership

To become a candidate, submit the following information to this email address:

  • A cover letter describing your interest in the position
  • Two references with contact information
  • Required salary range
  • Preferred personal contact information
  • Your resumé

We request that all electronic documents you submit have your last name and first initial in the title of each file name. If you have further questions, contact Keith Yoder at