Volunteer Training


Our Awaken, Equip, Mobilize Training is specifically geared to prepare you to be an Araminta volunteer by covering the following topics:

  • Scope of the Issue and Current Responses
  • Understanding Victims, Traffickers, and Buyers
  • Cultural Awareness context and the Influence of the Commercial Sex Trade on DMST
  • Current Legislation, Law Enforcement’s Response, and Legislative Gaps
  • Araminta Engagement Opportunity Descriptions and Sign-ups

Anyone interested in engaging in the areas of aftercare; prevention education and awareness; training facilitation and research; economic deterrence; and church engagement are required to complete a training course. This training course is specifically geared toward preparing people to engage with Araminta as a certified volunteer.

If you have questions about the nature, content, or structure of the trainings, please contact training@aramintafreedom.org for additional details.